Ikigai sessions with Mr Rajiv Bajaj:

Today’s morning session on IKIGAI by Rajiv sir was truly a value enhancer, not only it will immensely help everyone to connect with realities of life but also explore the purpose of living on this earth. As this subject is very close to my heart because I am a regular practitioner of meditation and my inclination towards spirituality. All these 9 pillars of longevity to my mind are a prerequisite for any introspection. I am quite confident that this Mission of benefitting the society at large would be of huge success and also a game changer for our Organisation. My best wishes to the entire Ojasway team and Wish them a great success. God bless all-Ashok Kumar

Building a better workplace starts with the people you work with. Ojas Way is a great initiative by BCL team. It is creating the energy and momentum at BCL that has a meaningful breakthrough for every individual in some or the other way. A lot of Gratitude to Ojas Way team for all the work they do-Priya

I think it is so important to take some time out and reflect on one’s life purpose. Defining it and aligning it with career goals. Our catch up with Rajiv was extremely fruitful and helped me revisit my personal journey. This was a start to something I stopped sometime back and I would love to bring continuity to. Thanks, Rajiv, for sharing your experience and time with us-Gautam

Dear Puneet, first of all, let me thank you and show my gratitude for being the participant of your wonderful Ojas way Project. This question was always in mind about our strengths, our contribution to the world, our values, things we like to do, and things we are good at. The perfect merger of the three is our ikigai. It is such a wonderful thing to know about my Ikigai, still, it’s not decided but hope in such sessions like this in the near future, definitely the vision will be clear. And also would like to thanks Mr Rajeev Bajaj sir also for sharing his thoughts and experiences with us and hope this session will definitely take us to new heights, not only professionally but also personally also-Deepak Aghi

Unmissable. Extremely engrossing. One right interaction has the power to change the trajectory of an individual and put them on a path to discover self and live a fulfilling life on this planet called Earth. The session on Ikigai sows that seed in an individual and is among the most powerful session to begin the journey of finding you in yourself.” A must attend – especially when you know that you don’t know what you don’t know”.Reminds you: Health is definitely the first wealth-Aabhinna Suresh Khare

Ikigai with Rajiv Bajaj

We all become so busy in the daily routine that we forget to think about the purpose of our life. Infect, we don’t even realize what makes us happy. Through the Ojas way session, I got beautiful insights to find my own Ikigai. I believe with upcoming sessions, I will definitely find it, which will help me in 360’ development as a better human being-Moohit Miittal

A very interactive and insightful session with lots of learnings. It has given an opportunity to see life in a more insightful and meaningful manner. Truly a delivery model for self-development skills. Self-exploring and following your passion is one of the most neglected traits in human life and Iki-Gai has been the perfect driver for addressing the same and living your own life with self-actualization. To summarize Iki-Gai makes u realize to some of the noble thoughts within you: What you are-What you can be-How you can benefit to the world/Society-What you can/should earn from your passion….Explore – What the world needs and most importantly what you yourself actually need…. Find your Eki-Gai…Gracefully, I Thank the Ojas team for this beautiful session-Gautam Jain

Needless to say that Mr Rajiv Bajaj is great speaker n motivator. His presence always motivates the people around him. The Ikigai session was an eye-opener and self-actualisation session. I have already started thinking on it that how can peruse my passion and can live my dreams. I will definitely find my IKIGAI-Eshita

Indeed, It was a very good initiative with a very clear vision. Appreciate the thought of “giving something back to the world”.
Kudos to the work that has been done by OJAS TEAM. I wish and may there be a success at every turn of this project and its future. Encouraging team members to be aware of their passion and having a spiritual vision towards life, Connection of health, wealth and longevity is what anybody could have ever asked for. The session was very close to my heart. I am keen to attend more sessions on the same-Manju