Our team at Ojas Way is here to help you lead a long, vibrant and healthy life. We intend to offer our services in Corporate Wellness, Financial Wellbeing, Ikigai workshops, Stress management tools in the workplace and mindfulness, among others. We are committed to improving and enhancing your overall well-being so you have the confidence, energy and zeal to go after what you want.

Corporate Wellness:

Ikigai workshops– We believe that finding your purpose is the cornerstone for a vibrant, long and healthy life. Ikigai, the Japanese word for purpose or the reason that gets you out of bed every morning is full of magic, promise and potential. It allows us to understand that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has a right to our own Ikigai. Our Ikigai can change during the course of our lives. Our Ikigai doesn’t need to match another person Ikigai. We have painstakingly developed tools, workshop materials and resources that we hone in on to allow you to start this journey of rediscovery.

Stress Management– we understand that the need to decompress has never been more pronounced, particularly more so in this hyper-connected world when our minds are always stimulated. At Ojas Way, our team hopes to give you easy to use tools and solutions that will help you come back to your breath and become more mindful, thus alleviating your stress. With tools like breath work, access to experts, gratitude exercises and more, we will work together to help you find what calms you.

Financial wellbeing :

Money is crucial to financial wellbeing. Like health and wellbeing, your finances also need careful consideration, strategy and planning. The freedom that positive financial wellbeing offers to the individual is an abundant life.

Wealth Creation – with our experts, you can start to save strategically so you are able to support your lifestyle and indulge every now and then. With the right guidance, you will be able to buy your house, purchase cars and support your child’s education or your annual family vacation. It is prudent to consult our experts as early as possible, so they can put you in an abundance mindset and equip you with the tools that you need to make this possible.

Retirement planning – While wealth creation can assist you in achieving your life goals, the retirement planning will give you financial security post retirement so that you can enjoy your life freely without fear.