Harness the power of affirmations

We don't realise how powerful our thoughts are until we start affirmations...

Like most of us, I, too, was a worrier for most of my life. I would worry about the past, fret about the future and get overwhelmed about things I couldn’t control. I even started to voice my concerns until my mother gifted me a book on affirmations by Louise Hay that changed my life.

All of us, at some point in our lives, have realised the power of our thoughts. When you are ruminating and spiralling, negative thoughts can overcome you, making you feel despondent and anxious. Now, try and think back to a time in your life when you were happy and your internal or your dialogue with yourself was happy and positive.  You see, our words have a lot of power and often, the words we choose can manifest themselves into things in our lives. If you had to choose, wouldn’t you choose to say something positive aloud to harness this power of affirmations?

Put simply, its everything you think and say out loud everyday. We are using these powerful tools knowingly and unknowingly every single day. We can transform our lives greatly by paying close attention to our thoughts and our words. We’ve got Payal from Affirmation Addict to help us through our affirmations and our vision board.

Can you tell me a little bit about your journey?

Payal: My journey started when I was 12 years old, and my mom made our whole family watch The Secret. Then, I started learning about affirmations and my first manifestation was a Chocolate Brownie at the age of 15 (priorities, am I right?!) Throughout high school, college and beyond – I have used affirmations to manifest so many things in all areas of my life including self-love, money, work, relationships and more.

What made you turn to affirmations? 

Payal: I always utilized them, but my most powerful affirmations and manifestations came with my long distance relationship. My boyfriend is in the military, and always lived in a different city – so when I got my new job, my first and only client ended up being in the city he lived in. I also believe that I manifested him coming home early from deployment and many other things that I cannot share just yet 😉

Can you share a little bit about yourself and the topics you cover on the podcast?

Payal: On the podcast, I talk about how to practice, easily and actually apply these concepts in your everyday life. The podcast dives deep into the law of attraction, modern spirituality and holistic living. Affirmations are just one (very powerful) tool to use, but I talk about the behind-the-scenes, the what-if’s, and the how-to’s in my podcast. For example, what happens when you’re really trying to manifest something and you just can’t? The purpose of the podcast is to have conversations about popular questions and misconceptions in this space, that I have personally encountered because there’s always more to learn.

Who were your role models/inspirations in this space?

Payal: My inspiration in this space is definitely the people that give me their positive energy and allow me to be on their journey with them. It makes me so happy to see people getting out of their comfort zone for THEMSELVES!

How can inculcating affirmations benefit someone’s life and improve their wellbeing

Payal: It allows you to honour yourself, the power you have within you – affirmations make you realize that everything you need is within you and you don’t need to look outward. It’s so powerful because affirmations help you develop a deep sense of self-love but also, they allow you to manifest your wildest dreams!

Which ones do you think are most powerful and why? 

Payal: Self-love affirmations, because in the end – that’s always the answer.

If someone asked you to share 5 of your favourite affirmations, which ones would make it to your list?

Payal: Here are my favourites

– I love and approve of myself fully and unconditionally.

– Everything I need is within me.

– I understand that everything that is meant for me comes to me in divine order.

– I am aligned with my highest self.

– My sole purpose and responsibility is to live with joy and love.

What are the different ways in which we can incorporate the power of positive thinking with affirmations in our daily life? Is there a method or a ritual that one should conform to? What are the most common ways in which people use affirmations?

Payal: Say your affirmations every day. Saying them out loud is the most effective. Also, use a journal for your affirmations, but also when you’re not feeling good – journals are my absolute favourite tool to help let go of any limiting beliefs that might be holding me back. You can use affirmations and make a vision board (check out this video https://youtu.be/Mt_ekW9WMgQ).

About the author: Payal is on a mission to spread the power of affirmations in everyday life to help cultivate self-love, joy and awareness within one’s self. Her goal is to help people integrate modern spirituality, affirmations and a holistic lifestyle into their daily lives because spirituality and ‘reality’ do not have to be separate – in fact, they should be merged together! Check out her Instagram here- instagram.com/affirmationaddict

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