Here are 5 reasons why you should try Bowen Therapy STAT

Our bodies have everything they need to heal and recover. Read on to find out Bowen can help you heal...

A few months ago, one of our colleagues had a terrible fall. She was very sore and in a lot of pain. Days turned into weeks and she wasn’t being able to recover as fast as she thought she might. She visited orthopaedic doctors, tried various treatments and even abided by strict bed rest until someone reminded her about Bowen Therapy. She didn’t waste a minute, she rang the Delhi office and went over the next day for a session. Two sessions later, she was back at work, on her feet and being able to go about her daily activities with minimal pain and discomfort.

Her progress has been great and even her doctors are amazed by her recovery. She could not stop raving about Bowen and so here we are.  At Ojas Way, our aim is to introduce you to healing modalities that we regard highly and here is why we would recommend Bowen Therapy for you.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Well simply put, is a holistic healing technique that requires only a gentle touch. It can be performed all over the body for a variety of ailments that include sprains, TMJ, rheumatism, migraines, anxiety, fractures, injuries and more. The therapist performs really slight manipulations that feel comfortable to target the fascia (also known as our connective tissue).

What is Fascia? Well, we are glad you asked:) Fascia is the connective tissue that separates the muscles from the internal organs. In fact, Dr Mercola says that although the fascia appears to be thin, it can account for up to 20 percent of our body mass.

How does Bowen work? If you look online or if you ask a Bowen Therapist, they will tell you that Bowen works on the premise that the body has everything it needs to heal itself. Bowen simply helps to kickstart/ rev the healing engine so you are able to feel more comfortable and at ease after even one session. The treatment consists of gentle manoeuvres that allow your body to release tensions, trauma (emotional or physical from an injury) thereby restoring it to its natural state. You will notice improvements from after the session to about 96 hours post the first session. The healing takes time and its up to you and the therapist to figure out how many sessions you might need.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • It can help ease hormonal disturbances, complications with menopausal conditions and PMS.
  • Bowen Therapy has been particularly effective with stress-induced jaw pain, insomnia and  TMJ.
  • Advocates of Bowen Therapy report major improvements in joint pain and post-surgery rehabilitation.
  • Bowen is very gentle and is often used even in acute sports injuries and frozen shoulder.
  • People have experienced great relief with nerve pain, neurodegenerative conditions as well as palliative care post a stroke. 

What should you expect:

You will be made to lie down comfortably on a bed in a quiet room. The therapist will perform some moves and leave the room for your body to adjust and realign. The duration of the treatment is usually between 45-60 minutes. It is completely normal for you to experience a slight tingling, changes in temperature and releases.

Verdict: All in all, Bowen is an extremely safe, painless, holistic healing modality that can help with migraines, joint pain, sports injuries and more. Although people suggest getting at least 2-3 sessions before you make up your mind, some of us have experienced a noticeable improvement after one session.

Tip: Remember to drink a lot of fluids and stay hydrated post the session. If your body is asking for a nap, you might do it a whole deal of good by sleeping earlier or even taking a nap. Be honest with yourself and trust the process.

Info: For booking requests, head over to their site here. You can also look for Lynette Nath and book yourself an appointment. You can thank us later:)

Please get in touch with your physician or medical provider and let them know that you are trying Bowen Therapy.

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