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Please keep in mind that we are looking to give holistic solutions.  We cover movement, self-care, sleep, meditation, herbs, functional medicine, nutrition, therapies and more, and we do this through opinion pieces, experience journals, interviews, audio and video as well.

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Write from experience. Personal, professional, an anecdote, or a feeling. The best pieces come from something you’ve actually experienced or been through.

OjasWay only publishes unique content. Everything you share with us must be original and not published anywhere else online, on other blogs, social media, or publications. If you wish to publish elsewhere after first with us; this can be discussed.

Citations are necessary when quoting facts or about health related claims. Please use credible sources such as news, journals, research, studies, scientific papers, and individuals and put links at the end of your submissions.

Every piece needs a strong opening thought to ensure audiences go through them. This could be a summarization of thoughts, a thought-provoking question, or a personal anecdote- we will work with you to ensure the opening sentence or thought goes along with the Ojas Way style.

Share a relevant, copyright free image to go along with your piece.

Choose the category for which you want to share a piece, have a look at the content in that section and across our site to ensure you follow a similar, informative tone.

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Please put the title of your piece in the subject line and state that you are contributing. For instance, ‘Contribution piece on crystal healing.’ We request you to attach the text in a document with the email.

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