9 Pillars of Longevity

The team at Ojas Way believes in the theory of the gestalt, in that, the whole is always more than the sum of its parts. Therefore, The 9 pillars, serve as guiding principles on how to live a full life. Our team hopes to spread the message that each of these 9 things needs to be done in tandem to see transformative results on our wellbeing and overall longevity. It is not enough for you to just eat healthily or sleep 8 hours every night if your stress levels are out of whack.

Our founder, Rajiv Bajaj has been to Okinawa, lived with centenarians and believes in a lot of the Japanese ideals. Japan, as you all are aware, is way ahead of the wellbeing and longevity curve. We believe that it is important to inculcate all 9 pillars with heart mind spirit alignment to see real and lasting changes over time.

The 9 pillars, we’ve been talking about are as follows:

  • Attitude: adjusting the lens through which you feel, perceive and experience the world
  • Food: eating right for healing, nourishment and sustenance
  • Spirituality: awakening your soul in pursuit of bliss
  • Sleep: ensuring peaceful hours of rest to restore vitality (Ojas)
  • Destress: escaping the humdrum of daily life to pause, reflect and find calm
  • Relationships: cultivating deep ties to enrich your life and emotional wellbeing
  • Movement: Incorporating physical activity to stay fit at every age and stage
  • Ikigai: finding meaning in the things that make your life worthwhile
  • Ecosystem: fostering harmony within your community and surroundings

We hope you’ll join us on the journey to a more fulfilling life.